Do You Know How to Unclog a Tub?

How to Unclog a Tub

undefinedOne of the services that our Dutton Plumbing team of service professionals is often called on to perform is unclogging bathtub drains. Bathtub drains accommodate a great deal of waste water every day such as hair, soap residue, and other substances. These quickly collect inside the drain and cause the bathtub to clog. If you would like to find out how to unclog a tub, simply read on!

Basic Bathtub Maintenance

Knowing how to unclog a tub is a basic bit of plumbing know-how. In fact, you do not always have to call our Simi Valley Region plumbers to take care of the task. You will need a rag and a plumber’s snake before you begin. Then just follow these six steps:

  1. Remove any drain cover present. Some drain covers have to be twisted several times before they can be lifted away.
  2. Clear away any visible clog. Use a rag to pull away buildup that you can reach with your fingers at the entrance of the drain.
  3. Insert the active end of a plumber’s snake. When you feel the end meet resistance, begin turning the handle end. When the resistance eases, remove the snake and clear away the debris from the end.
  4. Repeat until the snake encounters no additional resistance.
  5. Retract the snake, wipe it clean, and allow it to dry before putting it away.
  6. Replace the drain cover.

Never hesitate to contact us to do the dirty work for you. After all, it’s what we are here for.

 If You Encounter a Bigger Problem

Now that you know how to unclog a tub, you can handle a basic plumbing repair. If you encounter more extensive problems or simply hate DIY plumbing projects, contact Dutton Plumbing. You can trust us to handle just about any plumbing problem the right way the first time.