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Meet Your Technicians

  • Adam Alvarez
    Adam Alvarez View Bio Technician
    Adam Alvarez
    Adam has been in the industry for over 30 years! He likes it so much, that if he were to start everything over again, he’d do two things exactly the same way: be a plumber again, and marry the same beautiful woman. He works hard to raise his children the right way. Adam has four children, two of which play basketball competitively. Read Adam's Reviews
  • Antonio Martinez
    Antonio Martinez View Bio Technician
    Antonio Martinez
    Tony, as everyone calls him, was identified early on as a hard worker. He relishes the act of digging into a project, and ensuring that his communication is a cut above! He believes very deeply that working hard is his strongest suit, which is why he works hard to learn and demonstrate his knowledge in all that he does. He is one of the proud members among our status who served in the military! We appreciate his sacrifice and contribution to the country and our team here at Dutton Plumbing. Read Tony's Reviews
  • Bernardo Alcala
    Bernardo Alcala View Bio Technician
    Bernardo Alcala
    Bernardo has been with the company over a decade, proving his status as a cornerstone of all the we do here! There isn’t a single operation we do that we can’t trust Bernardo to handle, faster than simply anyone else. When we need to get a project done in the nick of time, there is only one name that comes to mind, Bernardo! Read Bernardo 's Reviews
  • Brandon Tennant
    Brandon Tennant View Bio Technician
    Brandon Tennant
    Yet another homegrown hero who is working his way through our apprentice program. He is an exceptionally large man, but don’t let that fool you, he’s a big softie. He’s kind of like a big puppy that hasn’t quite grown into his paws. We’re glad to have him as one of the many brothers among our great Dutton family! Read Brandon's Reviews
  • Dan Denney
    Dan Denney View Bio Technician
    Dan Denney
    Dan is from Dallas, Texas, and is fairly new to California and to Dutton Plumbing. However, he’s not new to the plumbing industry. Dan has been in construction all over the world for over 40 years, and ran his own business in the Dallas area for 15 of those years. He retired for a year and a half, then deciding that retirement did not suit him, so he relocated to Simi Valley. Dan has two kids and four grandkids back in Texas, along with two dogs and a girlfriend in Oxnard. Read Dan's Reviews
  • David Walker
    David Walker View Bio Technician
    David Walker
    David has been with the company for more than a decade! After passing through our apprentice programs, David has shown us that he’s got a lot to offer us too! We are all envious of his phenomenal beard, but even more so of his incredible growth within his technical knowledge. David is incredibly supportive, providing assistance with his wealth of knowledge to those he works alongside. Read David's Reviews
  • Diego Magana
    Diego Magana View Bio Technician
    Diego Magana
    Diego has been officially in the industry for about 8 years now. His dad was a plumber, and taught him all the tricks to the trade. He loves his job, and would not trade it for anything else in the world! Read Diego's Reviews
  • Edgar Gomez Cielo
    Edgar Gomez Cielo View Bio Technician
    Edgar Gomez Cielo
    Occasionally, it could seem that Edgar is a quiet guy, but once you get him to open up. Love is a strong word, but it might just be the right word to describe how our customers feel about him! A bit goofy, awkward, younger brother type is how a lot of our staff see Edgar. He’s quite simply just a lovable guy and his personality changes the environment of any room! Read Edgar's Reviews
  • Edgar Gomez Garduno
    Edgar Gomez Garduno View Bio Technician
    Edgar Gomez Garduno
    Cornerstone of the whole company. Edgar is a quiet individual, often choosing not to speak at all, but you should know that is because he is simply too busy getting things done! Anyone who has Edgar on their job is going to be incredibly grateful for his help. Starting from the absolute bottom, we can’t help but marvel at how far he has come both as a technical expert and dedicated tradesman. Read Edgar's Reviews
  • Edgar Perez
    Edgar Perez View Bio Technician
    Edgar Perez
    Edgar is a small guy, but has a big impact on his jobs! Coming to Dutton with minimal experience in the trade, he’s come to be one of our top technicians when it comes to repiping homes! His work ethic perfectly exemplifies our core value of “Get Stuff Done!” Read Edgar's Reviews
  • Gabriel Hernandez
    Gabriel Hernandez View Bio Technician
    Gabriel Hernandez
    Gabriel is one of our newest employees, but on his very first day here it was clear that he was one of the hardest workers that we have! Our team leaders have been vying for his participation on the job site. One of the things we love about him is his dedication to the company culture and fostering positive relationships!
  • Guillermo Mendez
    Guillermo Mendez View Bio Technician
    Guillermo Mendez
    Certainly a hard worker, he’s always find a way to be invaluable on the jobs he is assigned to. Guillermo isn’t always smiling, but if you talk to him, you’ll see him light up like a christmas tree and give you his full attention! Our teams appreciate his tenacity and focus, which makes him a truly desirable individual on the job site! Read Guillermo's Reviews
  • Heyner Salvatierra
    Heyner Salvatierra View Bio Technician
    Heyner Salvatierra
    Another hero of ours, swiftly tackling our apprentice program and surmounting all obstacles with an incredibly positive personality! He gets more reviews than almost any of our plumbers across the board! We are so proud to be part of his growth and development! Thank you, Heyner! Read Heyner's Reviews
  • Jake Morris
    Jake Morris View Bio Technician
    Jake Morris
    Jake has never been afraid to step up to the plate and take on responsibility and hard work. He’s started off, as many through our apprentice program and become an exceptional plumber in the process. If you’re lucky enough to have Jake in your home, you’ll be met with an easy going and friendly personality. He is an outdoorsman, so even if you’ve got some logs that need to be moved or chopped, look no further! Jake is much more than “just a plumber”! Read Jake's Reviews
  • James Castaneda
    James Castaneda View Bio Technician
    James Castaneda
    We are a family business, and he was referred by his older brother. Without any experience, he’s been able to grow and develop as a plumber. He’s been rising through the ranks and found a real happy camper when working with our customers. He certainly talks the talk with water heaters, but his knowledge is definitely a close match! A true homegrown hero! Read James' Reviews
  • Jay Napoles
    Jay Napoles View Bio Technician
    Jay Napoles
    Jay’s been with the company for well over a decade. He’s very outgoing with a great personality – he even won best smile in high school! In his spare time, you can find Jay snowboarding, riding his motorcycle, or just staying active in the gym. Jay’s biggest attribute is that he takes care of his mother. He feels that being raised by a single parent, there is no better way of paying her back! Read Jay's Reviews
  • Jimmy Lopez
    Jimmy Lopez View Bio Technician
    Jimmy Lopez
    Jimmy has been in the industry for many years. He has a beautiful family at home and spends his free time with them. He has a passion for old classic cars and loves to spend time outdoors going hiking, camping or fishing. Jimmy is ready to reel in any plumbing problems you may have and take care of them. Read Jimmy's Reviews
  • Juan Pablo Aburto
    Juan Pablo Aburto View Bio Technician
    Juan Pablo Aburto
    JP, as he is called, is a cornerstone within our company. A linchpin of any job that he is on! We have yet to throw a job at him that he hasn’t excelled at! You’d most likely catch him at Crunch fitness before work in the morning. As with many of our employees, his presence is highly sought after for his unbeatable work ethic and commitment to the team. Read JP's Reviews
  • Juan Rendon
    Juan Rendon View Bio Technician
    Juan Rendon
    Juan has been in industry for a long time, and can’t wait to help you with your plumbing issues! He has two awesome kids, and loves camping. He also loves taking his kids kite flying, and is a huge Lakers fan. Read Juan's Reviews
  • Ken Guerrero
    Ken Guerrero View Bio Technician
    Ken Guerrero
    Big Ken! A big guy with a quiet personality, unassuming even! However, his words reveal a knowledge of plumbing deeper than most understand! He’s been through so much that it would be fair to say he’s helped to shape the industry as we know it! We’re proud to have such an experienced virtuoso of sewers and drains! Read Ken's Reviews
  • Ken Jr. Guerrero
    Ken Jr. Guerrero View Bio Technician
    Ken Jr. Guerrero
    Ken Jr. grew up in the family business of plumbing, and in 2001 decided to turn it into his lifelong career. When he isn’t working hard, he spends his free time fishing or bowling. He is just as talented at bowling as he is at plumbing and has bowled a perfect 300 game. Ken is eager and ready to strike out any of your plumbing problems! Read Ken's Reviews
  • Kevin Kalin
    Kevin Kalin View Bio Technician
    Kevin Kalin
    Kevin is the proud father of two boys. He enjoys surfing, motorcycles and the great outdoors. Kevin is an industry veteran who has been a lot of experience in the field, and he can’t wait to take out your plumbing problems! Read Kevin's Reviews
  • Luis Zamarripa
    Luis Zamarripa View Bio Technician
    Luis Zamarripa
    Luis has over 10 years of mechanical experience. His biggest accomplishment and the thing he’s most proud of is his 4 year old little princess. So be certain he’ll do awesome work and in a timely fashion. He has to get back home for a tea party. Read Luis' Reviews
  • Marc Ryder
    Marc Ryder View Bio Technician
    Marc Ryder
    Marc is a family man with an older sister and two loving parents. His old English bulldog, Stella, is a long time companion of his. Marc recently got married a few years ago and is loving married life. He’s loving it so much in fact that he’s already got a new baby! His baby girl was lucky enough to not inherit his looks. Who knows, maybe she’ll be a future Dutton team member. Read Marc's Reviews
  • Mark Martinez
    Mark Martinez View Bio Technician
    Mark Martinez
    Mark has been in the plumbing industry for well over 15 years, and a part of the Dutton family for many years now. He has 3 beautiful children and a cute dog named Batman. In his free time, he enjoys having a good time with family and friends. Mark is ready for any challenge that comes his way and is ready to take care of all of your plumbing needs. Read Mark's Reviews
  • Matt Domingo
    Matt Domingo View Bio Technician
    Matt Domingo
    Matt has six kids and a beautiful wife. In his free time, he enjoys cooking, surfing, basketball and water skiing. But more than anything else, he loves spending time with his kids. One of Matt’s favorite things is when he gets home from work and his kids all run out to greet him. Read Matt's Reviews
  • Miguel Villalta
    Miguel Villalta View Bio Technician
    Miguel Villalta
    Miguel grew up playing with electronics and has been a professional electrician for over 15 years, and brought his expertise to Dutton Plumbing just a few years ago. In his free time, he enjoys hanging out with family and playing with his three dogs: Patotas, Salta and Tiny. If you want to get him talking, ask him how the Dodgers are doing. Miguel is ecstatic to help you solve any electrical or plumbing issues. Read Miguel's Reviews
  • Nicholas Guerrero
    Nicholas Guerrero View Bio Technician
    Nicholas Guerrero
    Nicholas was born into the business of plumbing, and has been around it his whole life. 10 years ago, he decided to take it on as a full-time career. He dedicates his free time to self-development and his family. He enjoys fishing and enjoys hanging out with his wonderful wife and two little kids. Read Nicholas' Reviews
  • Paul Belcher
    Paul Belcher View Bio Technician
    Paul Belcher
    Paul loves his family! They’re all sports nuts, so if you really want to get Paul talking ask him about football or basketball. One of his favorite vacation spots is Lake Tahoe. Paul has been in the industry all his life but really got serious about it in 2002 and has made it his life’s work since then. He’ll be able to take care of any issue you have. Read Paul's Reviews
  • Ricardo Sanchez
    Ricardo Sanchez View Bio Technician
    Ricardo Sanchez
    Always has a smile, often cited as the right hand man for lead installers. Within our teams, we all fight over who gets this invaluable individual! Read Ricardo's Reviews
  • Rich Bridges
    Rich Bridges View Bio Technician
    Rich Bridges
    Rich is definitely a family man. He has 3 kids, one son and 2 daughters. A big priority in his life is spending time with his family. When they were younger, he coached his kids through sports like soccer, baseball, and a few others. Rich has a huge range of hobbies including fishing, sports, surfing, but more importantly, spending time with his kids. Read Rich's Reviews
  • Richard Montano
    Richard Montano Technician
    Richard Montano
    Rich - Long term plumber, brought in by Steve more plumbing experience than most companies. Great professional attitude with a smile, but a goofy personality.
  • Ryan Dutton
    Ryan Dutton Technician
    Ryan Dutton
    Ryan is the son of the man, the legend, Eric Dutton. As the son of our fearless leader with the “physique of a god” Ryan is a mountain of a man with enough plumbing knowledge to match. The prodigal son returned to the company after receiving his bachelor's degree at Chico state.
  • Ryan Johnson
    Ryan Johnson Technician
    Ryan Johnson
    Ryan has been with Dutton for well over a decade now. Not only does he specialize with difficult plumbing problems, he holds weekly tech training for all the field technicians. If he’s coming to your house, your problems will be solved!
  • Sean Goldate
    Sean Goldate Technician
    Sean Goldate
    Sean is happily married and has two awesome kids – a boy and a girl. As a transfer from New Jersey to Southern California many years ago, Sean is enjoying the sunny California side of things. But don’t get him started on Hockey!
  • Steven Snyder
    Steven Snyder Technician
    Steven Snyder
    Steve is our definitive professional beard grower here at Dutton Plumbing. Behind the beard, the man has traveled through our apprentice program as a homegrown hero! Rapidly Steve is becoming one of our best plumbers! Maybe it’s beard but our customers really love him!
  • Cole Colvin
    Cole Colvin Technician
    Cole Colvin
    Cole is very disciplined, as a very young individual, he’s certainly made a huge impact. Our customer reviews have the very same thing to say about him! He is the pinnacle of personal responsibility. He always shows up on time with a clean uniform! He just so perfectly fits the core value of being “professional”!
  • Service Nation Alliance - Sales Service Award - 2013
  • Ygrene
  • HERO - Renovate America
  • Uponor
  • Better Business Bureau
  • PHCC
  • Nexstar