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We Welcome Women
We Welcome Women

In my last blog I wrote about the high cost of college, a dramatic rise in the number of people defaulting on student loans, and that a skilled trade is worthwhile thinking about as a career option. I concluded with the sentence, “If you know someone who loves building and ...

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  • Don’t Get Sucker-Punched By A Home Inspection

    If you are in the process of selling a home, you probably will run into a professional home inspection as part of the process. For many home owners, ...

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  • Recycling Makes For A Better World

    Like many of you, I try to think green. That’s why I’m a big fan of recycling everything I possibly can. Recycling conserves our natural resources and ...

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  • Will You Be Able to Afford Tomorrow’s Water?

    I don’t need to tell you that water prices are on the rise. Nationwide, water rates have increased 41% since 2010. Many locales here in California ...

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  • 5 Signs That It’s Time for A Water Heater Replacement

    Your home’s water heater is a crucial appliance. Whenever required, it should always receive urgent attention and repairs. A delayed repair may result ...

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  • Dutton Plumbing’s Fall Tips

    Fall is the perfect time to perform plumbing maintenance. It’s cool enough to get outside and examine any outdoor pipes, but the bitter cold of winter ...

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  • It’s Fire Prevention Week

    October 8-14 has been designated as this year’s annual Fire Prevention Week, a campaign of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). This ...

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  • Homeowners Guide to Simple Plumbing Maintenance

    As homeowners, we often ignore our plumbing systems. We naturally expect the pipes and faucets throughout the house to function. That’s not always the ...

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  • Apprenticeship Training At Dutton Plumbing

    There are many reasons to cheer the recent announcement that our federal government is working to expand apprenticeship and vocational training. ...

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  • How to Choose the Right Water Heater for Your Home

    Your home’s water heater affects the level of comfort in both your shower and bath. This alone means that you should keep an eye on it! However, the ...

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  • What is a Slab Leak?

    A slab leak occurs when water begins to leak underneath the concrete slab of your home. If not dealt with promptly, slab leaks can be devastating – ...

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  • The Ins and Outs of Sump Pump Installation, Repair, and Maintenance

    Your home’s sump pump is designed to prevent basement flooding and leaking issues. In basements, these problems are all too common. It just takes one ...

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  • Be Prepared For Disaster

    Our hearts go out to all the people in the Texas Gulf Coast devastated by Hurricane Harvey and the unprecedented rainfall that followed. Many of us ...

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  • 5 Signs Your Drain May Clog Soon

    A drain clog is one of the most common plumbing issues homeowners will experience. Sometimes, a clogged drain is more than a mere annoyance, though. A ...

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  • How a Natural Enzyme Drain Cleaner Can Help Any Home Kitchen

    Your kitchen sink does an immense amount of work – from cleaning to cooking. If the drain is clogged, you’re going to notice immediately. These clogs ...

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  • How to Choose a Trenchless Sewer Repair Professional

    Trenchless sewer repair is not just a fad. This is not a plumbing technique that will disappear after a year or two of making headlines. In fact, ...

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  • Water Is Precious

    We Californians know a thing or two about water scarcity after our recent drought. But we’ve managed to survive thanks to relatively minor lifestyle ...

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  • What to Consider Before Remodeling Your Bathroom

    Bathrooms are typically the smallest rooms in the house. Despite this, renovating one is not a small task. In some cases, you’ll need to entirely ...

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  • Prepare Now For Future Flooding

    So much attention has been paid to California’s long drought (somewhat alleviated in the past year) that many people have overlooked the flip side – ...

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  • Lead-Free Plumbing

    Most of us know that lead is a highly toxic substance. Medical research has conclusiv ely associated lead consumption with brain damage and various ...

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