We Californians know a thing or two about water scarcity after our recent drought. But we’ve managed to survive thanks to relatively minor lifestyle adjustments like taking shorter showers and

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Bathrooms are typically the smallest rooms in the house. Despite this, renovating one is not a small task. In some cases, you’ll need to entirely remove every fixture within, smash


So much attention has been paid to California’s long drought (somewhat alleviated in the past year) that many people have overlooked the flip side – certain parts of the state,


Most of us know that lead is a highly toxic substance. Medical research has conclusively associated lead consumption with brain damage and various other health problems. We can recall the

Try wrapping your head around the number 360 billion. Even if you started at the moment of birth and lived to be 100, you would not live long enough to

Sewer Line Repair

Sewer repair can be one of the most expensive plumbing problems homeowners may experience. For the most part, homeowner’s insurance does not cover sewer repair services, nor does the city

Pipe Leak

Our homes rely on a plumbing system to work efficiently and thoroughly. Without a proper plumbing system, serious health risks and structural damage may occur. What happens when the aging

A friend of mine from out of state who recently visited California was surprised to see so many road signs warning against texting while driving. Sure, that’s a bad idea,

You rely on your drain system to work properly and without falter. If a problem does occur, you phone up a professional service to handle the problem. Unfortunately, by the

Garbage Disposals Repair Simi Valley, CA

A garbage disposal is a pretty simple appliance to have in the kitchen. When it comes to cleaning up, few homes will pass up a disposal. Eventually, however, your home’s

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