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Composting and Bio-Clean When we talked about garbage disposals a little while ago, we learned that putting your vegetable peels and food waste down the garbage disposal is actually a pretty “green” way to deal with them. But I also mentioned that an even greener way to deal ...

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  • Do You Have a Slab Leak?

    Slab leaks are one of the most common types of home water damage. A slab leak occurs when water begins to leak from a pipe inside or beneath your ...

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  • The History and Application of Garbage Disposals

    The History of the Garbage Disposal When’s the last time you really thought about your garbage disposal? Most of us don’t bother thinking about them ...

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  • The Benefits of Leak Detection

    Afraid you have a leak somewhere in your plumbing system ? Many plumbing companies will have to dig up your entire yard or destroy walls in your home ...

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  • The Advantages of Tankless Water Heaters

    Tankless Water Heaters Tankless water heaters are becoming increasingly popular. They’re more efficient than standard water heaters, which means that ...

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  • 5 Signs of Leaking Pipes

    Signs of Leaking Pipes Leaking pipes can cost you a lot of money in the form of wasted water and damage to your home. In some cases, pipes can leak ...

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  • Cost-Effective Ways to Clear a Bathtub Drain

    If anyone in your home has long hair, you know that clogged bathtub drains happen more often than you would like. Buying drain cleaner is sometimes ...

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  • When Is It Time To Change My Hot Water Heater?

    Time To Change Hot Water Heater When a hot water heater is gaining in years, it can become difficult to gauge exactly when it is time for a ...

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  • How to Shut Off the Gas to Your Home

    Most everyone leaves their home for extended periods of time for one reason or another. When and if you do, do you know how to shut off the gas to ...

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  • Water Shutoffs

    When it comes to leaving your home for an extended period of time, you might wonder how to make sure your water is shut off while you’re away. Locate ...

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  • 3 Easy Steps to Fixing a Clogged Garbage Disposal

    How To Un-Clog A Garbage Disposal Check the switch Listen for persistent problems Adjust with Alan Key Listen for persistent problems Use a flashlight ...

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