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Unstarched Collars
Unstarched Collars

Most plumbing contractors will tell you that one of their biggest problems is finding good plumbers to work for them. The trades in general suffer from a shortage of skilled workers. I think in part that’s because there’s something of a bias against blue-collar workers in ...

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  • The Most Important Tips for Summer Water Conservation

    It’s good for the environment and your wallet to conserve as much water in the home as possible. To find out more about how to do this successfully, ...

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  • Plumbing Delivers Extraordinary Value

    Once in a while our technicians encounter a toilet that was installed prior to 1991, when the national Plumbing Products Efficiency Act required all ...

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  • Instruments and Technologies Used for Leak Detection

    Discovering that you have a leak can be frustrating and worrying as it could essentially cost a lot to repair. However, at Dutton Plumbing, we offer ...

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  • Easy Tips for Identifying Leaks in Your Home

    There are a number of ways in which you can source the cause of leaks in and around your home. At Dutton Plumbing , we’ve put together a fail-safe ...

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