Water Filter Device

Water Quality Is Hard To Maintain

Think of how our ancestors in the not-too-distant past obtained their drinking water. They carried it in buckets from nearby lakes, rivers and streams. Some had to drink stagnant, algae-ridden water from rain barrels or other collecting devices, others from wells they had to laboriously dig themselves. Filtration was either nonexistent or at best crude. Waterborne diseases ran rampant.

The Importance of High-Quality Water

Life expectancy has risen dramatically since the advent of modern plumbing in the late 19th century. We are fortunate to live in an era when we can obtain fresh drinking water in virtually every home and building simply by opening a spigot. Yet, in some cases, the quality of the water available in our homes is not much better than what our ancestors had to put up with centuries ago. Many of you live in areas serviced by mineral-laden well water. Studies have shown disturbing levels of harmful chemicals in some municipal water supplies ranging from pharmaceuticals to plastics, even some types of industrial waste.
Recently, I came across an article addressing a water quality problem I’d never previously heard of. Many communities rely on large water-storage tanks for their fresh water. You may have noticed these tanks driving through various towns, often labeled with the name of the town. Water usually gets drawn out of these tanks via outlet pipes near the tank bottom. The water at the top of the tank never gets thoroughly mixed, so the water near the top becomes stagnant and a breeding grown for algae and harmful bacteria such as giardia and E.coli. You can read about researchers who are trying to find a solution here.
My point is, you can’t really trust even the most sophisticated municipal water systems to deliver perfectly safe and palatable drinking water to your home. Our long time in the plumbing business has made us increasingly aware of deficiencies in our water supplies. That’s why several years ago Dutton Plumbing made it a point to learn all we could about water quality solutions and offer them as a service to our customers.
You can find out more about these services by clicking the “Water Quality” link atop our website. It describes in detail our expertise in water conditioning and filtration and draws attention to a free water analysis service we offer.
If you are satisfied with the taste and purity of the drinking water in your home, count your blessings. But if you are like millions of other residents in Southern California who are not, then give us a call and let us figure out how to best solve your problem.