Signs That You May Need a Rooter Service to Fix a Clog

Fix a Clog

As a homeowner, plumbing issues may be some of the most frustrating scenarios that you have to deal with. Unless you have a plumbing background, you are probably clueless about what you should do to fix a problem. Contacting Dutton Plumbing at the first sign of a plumbing emergency is often the best solution, but how can you know if you have a drain clog emergency that warrants the help of a rooter?

Multiple Clogs

Having a clogged toilet or sink can be frustrating, but can usually be fixed easily. If you have multiple clogs in the plumbing fixtures in your home, then you may need assistance. If your tubs, sinks and toilets are all draining slowly, then you may have a clog in your main line that should be looked at.

Odd Fixture Reactions

Often if you have a sewer line clog, your fixtures will react strangely to each other. For example, your toilet may back up when you run your washing machine, or running the water in your sinks may cause the toilet water to bubble. As the top Simi Valley Region drain service provider, we can help you pinpoint a clog and take care of the issue with our rooter machines.

Rather than waiting around to see if your clog becomes an emergency, let us take a look to see if you need rooter services. Dutton Plumbing has a skilled team of professionals that is ready to solve your plumbing emergencies, so contact us as soon as possible.