Water Conservation Methods Mandated Throughout California

undefinedDutton Plumbing we can help you detect ways that water is being wasted around your home or business, including water leak detection, before excessive water waste occurs. We also specialize in recommending water conservation methods throughout your home or business so that you can save money and help improve the water shortage situation that is taking place throughout the state of California.

California Residents Are Being Asked to Reduce the Flow of Water

Recent reports show that several parts of California are on the brink of a major water emergency. All California residents are being asked to make serious water conservation efforts in light of the state’s parched conditions. The state’s drought is on track to be the worst in nearly 500 years. Statewide, residents should strive to cut their water usage by 20%.

Experts agree that one of the best ways to conserve water is to change basic human behaviors. California residents can do their part to conserve water by making simple changes, such as turning the water off while brushing their teeth or not running the dishwasher until it is all the way full. Residents can also work with plumbing professionals to make sure that their water systems are running correctly and efficiently.

Dutton Plumbing Can Help!

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