Gas Line Repair

Gas Line Repair Simi Valley, CAA gas line leak in your home can be a potentially devastating problem for you and your family. A single leak has long-lasting repercussions, including health issues, potential fires, and even the risk of an explosion. To solve the problem, Dutton Plumbing has a team of experts available to perform gas line repair when you need it the most. Our licensed professionals can tackle the job any time of the day or night.

Signs of a Gas Leak

If you fear a gas leak in your home and cannot wait for gas line repair before evacuating, take precautions and remove your family from the premises quickly. The risk of a sudden explosion is quite high when you discover that gas may be leaking. You may begin to notice distinct signs of a leak, including the distinct smell, a hissing sound, and even dying or dead flowers and plants near the gas lines outside of your home.

The consequences of a broken or leaking gas line can be quite severe, so a homeowner should never wait to solve the problem. The fix may not be in the budget, but Dutton Plumbing offers excellent service for affordable prices. If you need the job completed today, reach out to us by calling the number listed below for service.

Contact Dutton Plumbing

If you fear a gas leak in your home and would like to request gas line repair from Dutton Plumbing, call our number today at (805) 522-1944. We can have a professional technician at your home within one hour of you calling for our service. That goes for the middle of the night or on the weekend, too. Our team of licensed experts is here for you!


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