How to Prevent Gas Line Explosion in Your Home

Every year, there are scores of homeowners who lose their lives due to fires and explosions caused by gas or electricity. Many such injuries and deaths, in addition to damage to a home, could be prevented with extra vigilance. Obviously, you want to be careful and attentive when using natural gas in the home, especially with stoves, ovens, or heating equipment. A single spark could be all it takes.

Preventing Gas Explosions

In many homes, natural gas is the primary source of energy to power appliances, heating and cooling equipment, and more. On occasion, natural gas may leak from these sources, but could also leak into the home from an interior or exterior pipe within the building. This gas could ignite and explode, or asphyxiate an individual.

First off, you’ll notice a rotten egg smell, which is a tip-off to the presence of gas in the air. Not everyone can detect the putrid scent, though. Older people, for example, may have a diminished sense of smell, or those who have recently consumed a large meal. It is highly advisable to install a gas detector somewhere in the house.

If you do happen to smell natural gas, absolutely do not open a window. Doing so could cause a spark, which could light the gas in the air. Do not use a telephone, plug in or unplug an appliance, or light a match.

Safety Measures

If you experience agas leak, remove yourself and your family from the premises immediately. Your first step should be to call the proper authorities. In this case, the proper authorities would be the utility company or emergency services. Report the gas leak. Under no circumstances should you return to the building until after you’re given the all-clear.

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