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Clogs are one of those things that you can’t avoid as a homeowner—they will happen eventually, and there isn’t a whole lot you can do about it. While you can slow the formation of a clog, the truth is you’re going to need to deal with a blockage eventually, and when you do, you’ll definitely want to make sure you have the assistance of a professional. Here at Dutton Plumbing, we’ve helped customers throughout Los Angeles and Ventura counties with their drain clogs, and we have the tools to offer superior, high-quality, and thorough drain cleaning in Northridge. Whether your issue is in your bathroom, your kitchen, or any other part of your drain and sewer network, we’ll come to you, clean it out, and get your drains moving again as soon as possible.

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Dutton Plumbing has always tried to set ourselves apart by offering customer service that isn’t matched anywhere else. Our Northridge plumbers always try to abide by our slogan “The plumber you’d send to your mom’s house,” and that means offering customer service that’s friendly, workmanship that’s exceptional-quality, and an experience that can’t be beaten. When we come to clear out your drains, we make sure the job is done thoroughly and completely, including making sure that your clog won’t be coming back again anytime soon. Our tools are cutting-edge and well-maintained, our materials come from premium manufacturers, and we always show up on-time, in uniform, and ready to get the job done as quickly and effectively as possible.

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We Remove All Types of Clogs

Clogs can happen in any drain in your home, often without warning, and they all have one thing in common: getting rid of them can be a total nuisance. If you don’t know what’s going on down in your line, you probably don’t know how to get rid of the issue. If the clog is food-related, a hair hook probably won’t eliminate the issue. If the clog is out of reach, you probably don’t have the tools to take care of the issue for good.

At Dutton Plumbing, we can eliminate clogs from all drains in your home, including:

  • Kitchen drains
  • Garbage disposals
  • Laundry drains
  • Utility drains
  • Toilet drains
  • Bathroom drains
  • Perimeter drains

One of the reasons customers turn to us for all of their drain clog problems is because we’re ready to handle anything. All of our Northridge drain cleaning techs come equipped with all types of drain clog removal tools on their professional service vans so they can handle almost any clog you’re dealing with right away. We also equip them with plumbing inspection cameras so they can see what’s going on in your drains for themselves. This means we’ll get the job done right, and you’ll actually be able to see the difference for yourself when we’re done.

Ditch the Liquid Drain Cleaners

Drain cleaners may advertise that they can get rid of your clog problem for good, but the truth is they are almost always more trouble than they’re worth. Drain cleaners are dangerous and highly-toxic, meaning you probably don’t want them near your family and pets. They can cause severe chemical burns because of their extremely acidic or alkaline nature. And they can even damage your drain lines themselves, resulting in corrosion, thinning material, and brittle pipes that crack and leak. It’s not uncommon to have to completely replace an old, worn-out drain line due to damage caused by a corrosive liquid drain cleaner product. Do yourself a favor and let our Northridge drain cleaning team do the job right the first time and you won’t have to worry about another costly repair bill that could have been avoided.

We Use Bio Clean for Eco-Friendly Drain Clearing

At Dutton Plumbing, we take special care to use eco-friendly practices with no loss of quality. That's why we offer Bio Clean for environmentally-safe drain clearing. Bio Clean is a special blend of bacteria and natural enzymes that work together to digest organic waste material found in plumbing systems. This solution is highly effective in removing many common culprits of drain clogs, including hair, grease and oil, soap scum, and food waste. This is a great way to keep your plumbing system maintained and prevent serious plumbing issues down the line.

Northridge Hydro Jetting Solutions for Clean Sewer Lines

If you're dealing with recurring drain clogs, hydro jetting may be the right solution for you. Using specialized equipment that delivers a highly-pressurized stream of water to blast away buildup from pipe walls, our Northridge hydro jetting team can perform a deep clean of your sewer line that will get your drainage system flowing again in no time. Hydro jetting is safe, effective, chemical-free, and best of all, a lasting solution to persistent drain issues. Call now to learn more.

Let the Northridge drain cleaning & hydro jetting team at Dutton Plumbing solve your drainage issues for good. Contact us today!

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