Tips for Washing Machine Maintenance

dutton plumbingIf you want to ensure your washing machine will last as long as possible, you will simply have to take care of it. This means taking the time to resolve issues before small ones turn into larger ones. Taking the time to maintain this important unit is sure to help it last longer and avoid needing replacing any time soon. Knowing specific tips for doing this are sure to come in handy for you!

Choose the Right Detergent

One way to ensure your washing unit will last longer is by using the right type of detergent in it. If you have an energy efficient machine, then you should only use this type of washing detergent.

If you choose to use a regular detergent, this type may produce more suds and create a film on your machine that you may not like.

Don’t overload the Machine

Be sure to avoid putting too many clothes in your washer because this may cause it to work too hard. Simply placing too many items in your washing machine can translate to it not lasting as long as you’d like or it to do so.

Take the time to wash smaller loads and this may be ideal to assist you in getting the most mileage out of your machine.

Clean out the Drain Pump Filter

In an attempt to help your washer last longer, it’s ideal to clean out the drain pump filter every few weeks. This will allow your machine to stay unclogged and ready to use at any time you choose to do so.

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