Help Us Help You Help Our Troops

Win $1,000 worth of plumbing, heating or air conditioning work

If you haven’t checked out our Facebook page, do yourself a favor and pay a visit for a chance to win $1,000 worth of plumbing, heating or air conditioning work. Even if you don’t win, with just a few mouse clicks you can participate in a contest whose ultimate beneficiaries are men and women in our armed forces.

Our partner in this enterprise is Pacific, a heating and air conditioning (HVAC) company that is a fellow member of a professional organization called Nexstar, whose Nexstar Legacy Foundation charitable arm sponsors a program called “Troops to Trades.” Troops to Tradesoffers grants, training and job connections for veterans interested in working in a plumbing, HVAC or electrical service business.

Dutton Plumbing and Pacific Aire are two of hundreds of Nexstar members in the United States and Canada who are anxious to help returning veterans find rewarding careers in our service trades. Our vested interest of course is that we believe the young men and women who have nobly served our country would make ideal associates in our businesses.

Dutton Plumbing and Pacific Aire have a friendly rivalry going. Each of us claims that our respective trade, plumbing vs. HVAC, is the most important to home owners. The ultimate arbiters will be you, our clientele.

On our respective Facebook pages are a series of “selfies” — group photos taken by and of our technicians and staffers. Visitors to our Facebook pages will be asked to vote by “liking” their favorite company and the “selfies” of either Dutton or Pacific Aire personnel. The company with the most “likes” will win our showdown for bragging rights.

Meantime, everyone who participates by “liking” our company and our selfies will have his or her name entered into a contest. There is no limit to the number of selfies you may “like.” This is one case where we encourage stuffing the ballot box! The lucky winner will receive $500 worth of plumbing services from Dutton Plumbing and $500 worth of HVAC services from Pacific Aire.

Moreover, the winning company will donate $1,000 to Troops to Trades.

The contest runs through January 31, so make it a point to visit Dutton Plumbing’s Facebook page as often as you wish in the coming weeks.

Alright, if you really feel that Pacific Aire offers the more valuable services, go ahead and vote for them. We won’t hold it against you. We’ll still be there to help you out when your toilet isn’t working, when you’re out of hot water, when your sewer is backing up or when you have water all over the floor. When that happens you’ll probably change your mind about which trade really provides more value to home owners.

We’ll try to resist saying, “I told you so.” But no promises.