3 Ways to Save Water This Summer

WaterWhen it comes to keeping your water bills down and your spirits up, you will want to know ways you can save water during the summer. You may use more water during this time of year because of gardening and keeping your lawn watered. However, there are effective ways to help reduce the amount of water you use on a regular basis and knowing what these are may prove to be helpful to you.

Set a Timer on you Water Sprinkler

Do you want to have a lawn that is lush and green? You may enjoy being the envy of your neighbors and keeping your grass watered is the ideal way to accomplish this goal.

Be sure to have a timer on your water sprinkler that will allow it to run for a limited amount of time each day. This can prevent you from using too much water.

Avoid Running your Dishwasher

When possible, wash your dishes by hand. This can save you a lot of water each day and should be done as frequently as possible. Using your dishwasher on a frequent basis can use gallons of water that could be saved by doing this by hand.

Wash Large Loads of Laundry

If you just have a few items to wash at a time, wait until you have more to wash. By using your washing machine only when you have a large load of laundry, this can help you save a great deal of water.

Additionally, consider washing clothes only two or three times a week to make this easier for you.

Let Us Help!

At Dutton Plumbing, we’re here to help you use less water, and we have a number of other tips to help you do so. Simply give us a call at (805) 522-1944 and we’ll be happy to assist you.



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