Water Heater Brands

Water Heater Simi Valley, CAAt Dutton Plumbing, we only work with the very best brands and top-name manufacturers in the plumbing industry. We then transfer such high quality products directly to you, the customer, at affordable prices. When it comes to water heaters, we carry reliable brands such as American Standard, A.O. Smith, and Rheem.

Dutton Plumbing has been a certified American Standard installer for some time now, which means you can relax knowing we work with one of the very best water heater brands in the industry. American Standard water heaters are generally used in large homes, apartment buildings, restaurants, hotels, and hospitals.

Which One Is Best

As for which water heater brands are considered the very best in the plumbing industry, there is one name that tends to stand out from the pack. That name is Rheem. At Dutton Plumbing, we perform numerous tests on water heater products to ensure they are worthy for our customers to utilize in their own homes and commercial properties. When it comes to Rheem, their water heaters manage to pass each test with flying colors, exceeding the rigorous industry standards placed on such systems.

Dutton Plumbing fully understands exactly what each water heater system must go through before being deemed a high quality product worthy of being sold on the market. The fact that Rheem has managed to cement their reputation as being one of the best is a testament to their manufacturing process and eye for quality. We are absolutely ecstatic to be a certified Rheem water heater installer.

Water Heater Brands We Carry

We at Dutton Plumbing offer only the best water heater brands for installation, replacement, and repair. To learn more about the many reliable brands we carry please see below.


American Standard

american-standardAmerican Standard has been a trusted water heater brand by home owners everywhere for more than 28 years and continues to provide consumers with reliable, energy-efficient, commercial and gas electric water heaters today.

Dutton Plumbing is a certified American Standard installer, which means you can rest safely knowing we are using only the best water heater brands available. American Standard water heaters are typically used in large residences, restaurants, apartment buildings, multi-family developments, motels, hotels, hospitals, convalescent homes, laundromats, car washes, schools, health clubs and industrial buildings. Give us a call to have this reputable brand installed in your home today.


A.O. Smith

ao-smithAn old but wise brand, A.O. Smith is a pioneer of the water heating industry having provided their innovative water heating solutions since the 1930’s. That means decades of experience in the water heater biz… pretty cool, huh? Home and business owners alike applaud their product diversity and quality, recognizing their leadership in the industry.

Dutton Plumbing is proud to be a certified A.O. Smith installer, and with good reason. Since the beginning A.O. Smith water heaters have been setting industry standards such as the gas lined tanks that protect the steel from water’s corrosive effects. Call us today to find out for yourself why A.O. Smith is one of the best water heater brands on the market. 


Bradford White

bradford-white-logoBradford White knows what they are talking about when it comes to heating. After all, they’ve been providing water heating, space heating, and combination heating products since 1881. That’s over 100 years of experience in the industry!

Here at Dutton Plumbing we know that customers have constantly evolving needs, which is why we are a certified Brad White Installer. Brad White is one of the best water heater brands out there because they are built to last and understand the importance of improving technology. Technology is a huge part of the Bradford White brand; Extensive research, brilliant engineers, and lab time all work together to focus on superior performance and achieving excellence. Call today to see how sophisticated water heating technology can be. 


Rheem_LogoBefore a water heating brand can be considered ‘the best’ it has to go through numerous tests that are designed to wear out the product and push it to the breaking point. Rheem products withstood these tests with ease, thus meeting and even exceeding rigorous industry standards.

At Dutton Plumbing we know what these products have to go through before they can be deemed a high quality product. The fact that Rheem has exceeded industry expectations through these tests says a lot, and we are happy to be a certified Rheem water heater installer.

Contact Us

If you are interested in various water heater brands, including Rheem or American Standard, and would like one installed in your very own home, call Dutton Plumbing today at (805) 522-1944. We would be happy to work with your schedule!



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