Please Read Our Reviews

Go to just about any page on our website and you’ll find in the upper left an invitation to “See REAL Customer Reviews,” of which there are hundreds altogether.

I encourage everyone reading this to do just that, especially if you are a newcomer who hasn’t experienced our service before and you are in need of plumbing service.

We’re proud of the fact that the vast majority of people who have reviewed us give us 5 stars via Facebook, Yelp, Google and various other sites that give voice to consumers.

We’re also proud of the fact that we don’t cherry-pick the positive reviews and cover up the comments of people who didn’t like us. You’ll find a few negative reviews sprinkled among the 5-stars and 4-stars. That’s why we emphasize that these are “REAL” customer reviews, not just phony baloney put up by friends and relatives.

We’re only human and occasionally we make mistakes. Other times negative reviews result from misunderstandings, or sometimes people are misled into thinking we did something wrong when we didn’t. Most often this happens when they talk to some other plumber after a job was done and get told, “Dutton Plumbing is a rip-off! I would have done the job for much less.” We catch a lot of flak from competitors who are jealous of our success.

If you are searching for the cheapest plumber around, there’s plenty of competition for that dubious honor. But I don’t think you’ll find those plumbers generating the kind of rave reviews we receive from so many satisfied customers. As Yelp reviewer Mr. J put it, “They’re not the discount plumber you would think. But other companies can’t touch the customer service you receive from Dutton. They’re worth every penny.”

Several common themes emerge in these reviews:

  • Technical competence. “Our toilet installation was done quickly and professionally,” said Yelp reviewer Lisa D.
  • Friendly, courteous, personal service. Lisa D. added: “As an added bonus, Andrew took time to clean the tile and wall once the old toilet was removed – something that I thought I was going to have to do myself!” You’ll find many reviewers referring to Andrew and other Dutton technicians by name. Home owners like to deal with service technicians they can trust, and many of our customers request the same person who called on them before. It’s part of the culture of our company to live up to our slogan, “The plumber you’d send to your Mom’s house.”
  • Cleanliness. “The work is done fast and accurately, as well as clean!” wrote reviewer Marcia D. She is one of many reviewers who are surprised that we clean up so thoroughly after the work is done. Our service technicians are instructed to leave a work site cleaner than they found it. They also wear plastic booties to avid tracking dirt into the house and take other measures to respect your housekeeping.
  • Responsiveness. Something we’re especially proud of is making things right when we do goof up in any way. “I am taken by complete surprise. Dutton Plumbing does what it takes to ensure customer satisfaction. In fact, in my case, they went above and beyond so much that I felt that it was only right to update my review,” wrote reviewer David R. He was referring to a previous review in which he posted, “I will not ever call them for future needs … nor will I refer anybody.”

As I noted earlier, we’re not perfect. The difference between us and so many other plumbing companies is that if we make a mistake, we won’t point fingers and argue with you. Instead, we focus on doing everything in our power to assure customer satisfaction.

If you’re undecided about choosing a plumber, please read our reviews – all of them, the bad ones along with the good. We’re confident that after seeing all the opinions, you’ll end up dialing our number.