Your Customer Bill of Rights

The cornerstone of all the freedoms we enjoy as American citizens is the Bill of Rights, consisting of 10 amendments to the U.S. Constitution that supersede all of the other details. Dutton Plumbing also has drafted a Bill or Rights that serve as our bedrock commitment to customer service. Here is our Customer Bill of Rights that gets instilled in all employees of Dutton Plumbing.

You have the right to …

1. Be treated with courtesy and respect at all times. This applies whether you are calling for service, making an inquiry, talking to a dispatcher or dealing with our technician in your home. People with plumbing problems are often under stress. You call us to alleviate that stress, not compound it.

2. Speak with human beings able to respond quickly to your problem. You deserve better than voice mail or an answering machine saying that someone will get back to you who knows when.

3. Fast service. We have enough service vehicles and a sophisticated dispatching system that enable us to respond within 60 minutes to 90%+ of our service calls. When we can’t make it there that quickly, we’ll let you know so you don’t sit there drumming your fingers while watching the clock.

4. Know who you are dealing with. You can learn about “Our Team” by pulling down the “About Us” menu on our web site. Then click on the “Customer Reviews” section to find out what other customers think about us.

5. Home security and personal safety. This means confidence about who you let into your home. That’s why Dutton Plumbing hires only technicians who pass muster via background checks and drug screening. That’s why we provide them with company uniforms and ID badges.

6. Know exactly how much the work will cost. After our technician examines and diagnoses your problem, he or she will present you with a precise quote for the work to be performed, including all equipment and parts. Whether the job takes minutes or hours, you shouldn’t have to worry about the meter running or get blindsided by “extras” midway through the job.

7. A clean home. No rickety old trucks leaking oil in your driveway. No dirt tracked in from the outside. Of course, plumbing sometimes involves dirty work. That’s why our technicians are mandated to clean up afterward.

8. High quality goods. Big box stores sell a lot of cheap junk that leads to poor performance and premature breakdowns. As plumbing professionals, we buy from supply houses that cater to our trade and carry only professional-caliber products and parts. As plumbing professionals, we know what works best and will install only top-notch merchandise in your home.

9. Preventive maintenance. “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” goes the old saying. That’s why our Family Service Plan makes for a good investment in forestalling future problems.

10. Trust. “The plumber you’d send to your Mom’s house” is more than just our company motto. It’s a constant reminder to all of us at Dutton Plumbing of the goal to strive for.