Three Tips for Summer: Going Green While Saving Money

Money Saving TipsMoney saving tips for summer

With skyrocketing electric bills and vacation expenses, there is no better time than summer to protect against unexpected plumbing problems. At Dutton Plumbing, we understand that both saving money and saving the Earth are important goals for everyone, and we want to pass along three tips for summer that have the added bonus of being great for the environment.

Hunt for Leaks

It is a good practice to regularly search for plumbing leaks in the home and the yard. Start with a visual inspection of all indoor and outdoor faucets. In the yard, lawn mowers will from time to time break a sprinkler head during mowing. It is a good idea to regularly test the entire watering system because timed sprinklers frequently run when residents are not present. With these summer tips in mind, leaks and other problems will be discovered before they get out of hand.

Use Less Water

Savvy homeowners can counteract rising electric costs in summer by reducing other bills. Implementing these tips should give homeowners a head start on doing just that. When it comes to water, the best advice is to conserve, conserve, and conserve doing things such as the following:

  • Watering yards less frequently.
  • Using rain barrels to collect extra water for the yard.
  • Turn off the water while you are brushing your teeth.

Other summer plumbing solutions include running the dishwasher and washing machine only after they are completely full.

Return Produce Scraps to the Earth, Not the Drain

With summer produce at its peak, kitchen scraps are plentiful. Remember to protect the garbage disposal and reduce the likelihood of a breakdown by not dumping produce scraps down the drain. Placing scraps in a compost bin instead offers the added bonus of being great for the environment.

These three tips for summer will help the environment while reducing bills for water and unexpected plumbing breakdowns. When a plumbing need does develop, however, Dutton Plumbing is here to help. Contact us today.