Important Plumbing Tip: Make Sure There's No Grease in the Drain

Important Plumbing TipsImportant Plumbing Tips

One of the most important ways you can protect your kitchen drain is to simply remember: no grease in the drain. This includes all types of grease, oils, fats and salad dressings. Not only does grease clog your home’s pipes, but over time, the buildup can completely close off the water pipe leading to a backup and flooding, with subsequent damage to your home. At Dutton Plumbing we recommend that you dispose of grease in more environmentally friendly ways.

Proper Ways of Disposing of Grease

It is a myth that it is okay to dispose of grease down the drain as long as you run hot water and use dish soap. This does not help since the oil will harden in the pipes after it has cooled. Remember our important plumbing tip: no grease in the drain. Ever.

To properly dispose of greasy substances, you should pour the fat into a covered container and throw it out with your trash. Wipe pans with paper towels to remove remaining grease prior to washing. If you have a lot of cooking oil to dispose of, mix it with cat litter and throw the mixture out in the trash.

How to Remove Grease from Your Drain

If you have been putting grease in the drain, you will need to undertake a good drain cleaning. Bear in mind that if the drain is completely clogged, the pipe may have to be replaced. If it is only partially clogged, you can clear it with a snake or a jetter.

Remember the plumbing tip of no grease in the drain, and you will keep your drain clog free and operating properly. If you are unable to clear a clogged pipe, or for any other plumbing needs in the Simi Valley area, contact us at Dutton Plumbing.