Using Drain Snake Best Practices to Clear a Clog

Important Plumbing TipsBest Practices to Clear a Clog

No one likes turning on the water only to discover that the only place it’s flowing is up and out. Whether it’s the sink, tub or toilet, clogs are serious problems that need to be rectified immediately. At Dutton Plumbing, our technicians know that while little clogs may be cleared using a simple plunger, big clogs often require the use of specialized plumbing tools, such as a drain snake. A drain snake, or auger, is made up of a long, thin piece of metal that is tightly coiled and has a handle on one end. To clear drain clogs, our technicians only use drain snake best practices, which are outlined below.

The Process

Gather your drain snake, a bucket, thick rubber gloves and old towels. Begin the cleaning by removing any kind of screens or traps that rest on the drain. Push the coiled cable of the snake into the drain, turning the handle as you push. Move your grip to three inches from the opening of the drain to help you control the coil better. Also, stay aware of the pressure placed on the snake.

When you feel like the snake has hit a wall and will go no further, you have likely found the clog. Keep pressing the coil down and past the clog if possible. Turn the cable clockwise with the handle and pull up on the snake to see if you have hooked the clog. Work the snake back and forth until you have broken the clog up. If the clog is stubborn, carefully pull out the snake and clean off the auger. Repeat these drain snake best practices until the clog is gone.

Contact a plumber

If these drain snake best practices don’t work for you, it may be time to call in Simi Valley Region plumbers. Contact Dutton Plumbing to schedule an appointment.