The Plumbing Checklist Every Homeowner Must Have Read

Important Plumbing Checklist

Where is all that leaked water coming from? Here at Dutton Plumbing, we encourage homeowners to have their plumbing system inspected regularly to prevent minor problems from turning into costly damage. Stop that water in its tracks with a thorough home plumbing checklist.

  • Sinks, Tubs, and Showers – All sinks and showers should be inspected for any cracks, leaks, or mildew in the basins, caulking, piping, and faucets. Aerators should be cleaned regularly to reduce the amount of calcium buildup. Likewise, showerheads should be periodically removed and cleared of debris. Low pressure usually indicates an obstruction. Check your waste lines and disposal mechanisms. Slow drainage is the key sign of a clog. If swirling doesn’t accompany draining, or you notice bubbles or gurgling, you may have a problem.
  • Toilets – Scan for any standing water around your toilet base. If it rocks, it may need to be re-sealed or re-affixed to the floor. You also want to ensure that the interior parts are working and that no pieces are broken. Note on your plumbing checklist that your toilet should always cease to run shortly after flushing
  • Washing Machine – Inspect your washing machine lines for cracks, and be sure that you are using only high-pressure hoses.
  • Water Heater – Check the shut off valve, pressure valve, and any electrical or gas connection on your water heater. The flame should burn blue rather than yellow. Tanks should also be periodically drained to inspect for corrosion and sediment.
  • Sump and Outdoor Systems – Make sure there are no leaks in auxiliary lines such as those to a sump or sprinkler system. Scan your interior and exterior foundation for small pools or cracks.

For tips on creating your own plumbing checklist, or for help with plumbing in Simi Valley Region, get expert advice and dependable service by contacting Dutton Plumbing.