Regular Drain Cleaning Helps to Prevent Emergency Plumbing Problems

Prevent Emergency Plumbing Problems

plumber fixing drain Preventative maintenance is the key to keeping your drains free of major plumbing problems that can occur as a result of backed-up pipes. Dutton Plumbing offers drain cleaning and emergency plumbing services in the Simi Valley, CA region to help you keep your drains running smoothly all year.

Preventative Maintenance Is the Key

Although drain cleaning may not seem like a fun chore, keeping your drains free from clogs can help prevent backed-up sewer lines and ruined plumbing. Rather than dumping harsh chemicals down all of your drains, you can do some preventative maintenance by pulling out the gunk manually from your sink drains on a regular basis. To remove the gunk, simply remove the trap, unscrew the horizontal flipper rod that hooks to the back of the sink drain pipe, and use a flexible plastic hair grabber to grab and pull out the collection of hair and other drain debris.

On larger home drainage systems such as underground pipes, tree roots can grow into the pipes and block the passageway. This type of blockage can be cleared with a rooter snake, which is a heavy-duty cable with knives that spin in all directions to cut through the blockage. This type of drain cleaning can be dangerous and needs to be performed by a professional Simi Valley Region plumber.

Schedule Your Plumbing Maintenance Visit Today

Set up a yearly plumbing maintenance program that includes drain cleaning and inspection to prevent emergency plumbing situations. Contact Dutton Plumbing to schedule an appointment that can help your family avoid costly clogged drain hassles and plumbing emergencies.

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