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undefinedA newspaper recently reported that several homeowners in the Arlington, Va. area might have to shell out thousands of dollars in order to repair a failing sewage line. The next time you’re in need of professional plumbing repair in the Simi Valley region, be sure to turn to the professionals at Dutton Plumbing.

A Deteriorating Situation

The story reports that the quickly deteriorating 85-year-old sewage line is actually privately owned and that the county has no legal rights to either maintain the line or work on it. While plumbing repair has been attempted on the line in the past, it’s been determined that the damage is so great that repairs are no longer a viable option.

Resident Options

Residents of the Arlington neighborhood will have no choice but to have a lateral connection built from their homes to the sewage line that’s owned by the county in order to regain use of a viable sewage line.

In most cases, this option can cost anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000, and the least expensive option is a trench that can be dug directly across the resident’s front yard. With the more expensive and least invasive option, a pneumatic mole will be used to connect to the new sewer line. Should residents not decide to take action to install a new sewer line connection, their homes will eventually become uninhabitable.

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