When Is It Time To Change My Hot Water Heater?

Time To Change Hot Water Heater water heater

When a hot water heater is gaining in years, it can become difficult to gauge exactly when it is time for a replacement. In certain cases, there are no signs that a water heater is running out until the very last moment of its life. So how do you know when it’s time to change your hot water heater? Some easy signs to look for are:
  • Age – Most hot water heaters last around 8-12 years. How old is yours?
  • Water – If your hot water is starting to have a rust color or appears to be dirty.
  • Temperature – Have you noticed a significant decrease in the amount of hot water you’re getting?
  • Cold Water – If you’re taking a shower/bath and the water is ice cold without ever getting warm.
  • Moisture – Is there moisture gathering around the base of your hot water heater? If there is flooding, or more than simple moisture, it’s gone bad.
  • Corrosion – Look for signs of deterioration or rust around the metal cylindrical tank, pipes or hoses.

What should I do if I noticed these signs?

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