Sewer Repair in Simi Valley, Ventura and Los Angeles Counties

Sewer Repair Simi Valley, CAThe sewer system in your home’s plumbing remains one of the most important elements of all. Such a system handles everything from the home’s waste to excess water, so when a single problem occurs, it can be quite a messy inconvenience for all those involved. In fact, any issue with a sewer line can be quite dangerous, too. Waste that may back up in a sewage system can often lead to harmful bacteria festering in the pipes and spreading throughout your entire home. In some cases, it can even lead to environmental damage. This is why it pays to call the professional sewer repair experts at Dutton Plumbing when you begin to notice any trouble with a sewer system. We specialize in repairing such systems and can even tackle the biggest of problems with ease.

Clogged Sewer Line

A clogged sewer line is often one of the most common problems we experience on the job. When it comes to sewer repair, we always start by using Vision Technologies Sewer Camera, allowing our plumbers to run a cable through the length of the pipe and locate the clog quickly. With the camera, we notice root penetrations, blockages, and even faulty pipes. Believe it or not, a clog can often be caused by the roots of a tree penetrating the outer wall of your sewer pipes. The roots then begin to grow and block the flow of the pipe. At Dutton Plumbing, we have specialized products designed to remove such problems without harming the rest of the system. For example, RootX is a foaming root-control product known to be completely safe and effective for such issues.

Sewer Repair Estimates

The sewer main is the primary pipe carrying waste water from your home to the city’s sewer system. As a homeowner, you need to maintain and repair the sewer line on your property. The city won’t take care of the work, unfortunately, and your insurance provider may skimp when it comes to paying for it. Sadly, sewer repair is one of the most expensive plumbing jobs a homeowner can tackle. Thankfully, trenchless sewer repair is a viable, cost-effective option.

That’s why the team at Dutton Plumbing promises to write up a comprehensive quote for our sewer repair services before we begin any work. To estimate this cost, we consider the cost of service, and the scope of the job itself. Keep in mind that, on average, sewer repair services cost several thousand dollars. However, we promise not to nickel and dime you. We offer only competitive pricing for our plumbing repair services.

Cracked Sewer Pipe

A broken sewer pipe may spell devastation for your home and property. If left alone for too long, a cracked sewer pipe can cause extensive property damage. It can also pose serious health risks to anyone living nearby. Luckily, Dutton Plumbing provides excellent and efficient sewer repair services, including trenchless sewer repair. Countless homeowners and business owners have relied on our quality trenchless sewer repairs since we first opened our doors. In the past, sewer repair required costly digging and expensive equipment, too. Today, we use trenchless sewer repair to minimize both cost and damage to your property.

Like any plumbing issues, sewer line damage can occur due to numerous causes. The most common causes include corrosion, rust, brittle pipes, or cracked plastic pipes. In general, any plumbing pipe can break due to extreme water or ground pressure. Whatever the reason, you need the best technicians to handle the task. Do not let a cracked sewer pipe sit too long. Call Dutton Plumbing!

Minimize the Inconvenience of Sewer Repair

You might think that sewer repairs usually disrupt your routine. Maybe you won’t be able to use the bathroom for a day or so, or maybe you’ll have to deal with an unpleasant odor. At Dutton Plumbing, we aim to provide homeowners with solutions designed to minimize this inconvenience. Don’t settle for anything less than truly professional sewer repair services.

Dutton Plumbing offers non-invasive sewer line repair options that typically require little to no excavation. This helps us to minimize any trauma to your landscape and inconvenience to your family. We work fast, and keep your lawn, garden, patio, driveway, and sidewalk safe. Whether it’s a blockage, tree root, or leakage from a damaged pipe, our non-invasive procedures will solve the problem. Let us help you protect the investment you’ve made in your home and your plumbing system.

Residential Sewer Line Repair

At Dutton Plumbing, we give our clients more than just drain cleaning services. If things get more serious, we offer sewer line repair services for residential homes. Our services include primary sewer line repair, line replacement, and line cleaning.

Give us a call for any of the following issues:

  • Damaged piping — Pipes can break or crack as a result of shifting soil or earthquakes.
  • Blockage — Built-up grease can block pipes, as can foreign objects flushed down the toilet.
  • Corrosion — Pipes can deteriorate over time, eventually collapsing and restricting water flow.
  • Bellied pipes — This occurs if the soil beneath the pipes weakens and sinks.
  • Leaking joints – This typically occurs if the seals between pipes break, allowing water to escape.
  • Tree roots – Tree roots are one of the most common causes of sewer line problems. Over time, they can grow into and through the pipes, causing considerable damage.

Commercial Sewer Line Repair

Businesses often deal with plumbing-related problems like clogged drains and backed-up toilets. These are everyday hassles. However, a failing plumbing system could prevent your business’ day-to-day operation. When your business shuts down, so do your profits. If your sewer line is leaking or has broken, you need to get sewer line repairs as soon as possible. Don’t hesitate to take action. While sewer line repairs can be costly, we at Dutton Plumbing work hard to offer affordable prices for your business.

We have designed our sewer line repair services to be as efficient as possible. We can typically finish the job in a single day, allowing your business to resume normal operation. Our pipe repair services offer numerous benefits, including minimal damage to your property, fast repair times, environmentally friendly solutions, and an extended sewer lifespan. If your business has sewer line troubles, contact Dutton Plumbing today.

Indications of Sewer Problems

No one wants to hear that they’re having sewer line issues. However, it’s better to find out about those issues than to let them worsen undetected. At Dutton Plumbing, it’s our job to repair any sewer line problems as quickly as possible.

If you suspect a sewer problem issue, look for the warning signs. You can keep an eye out for the following symptoms:

  • High water bills – A higher-than-normal water bill generally indicates leakage somewhere in the line. An extreme increase could mean that your sewer pipe has experienced an actual break.
  • Low water pressure – The water flow in most homes should be fast and powerful. If the water pressure begins to falter or becomes inconsistent, the pipe may have expanded, cracked, or burst altogether.
  • Strange smells – Excessive moisture from a leaking pipe can lead to mold and mildew growth.

How can I prevent a sewer backup?

Anyone who has experienced flooding in the home after a particularly heavy bout of rainfall knows there is more than just water damage to contend with. A sewer backup involves sewage or wastewater seeping into the home due to the flooding waters. This poses a significant health hazard to everyone inside the home.

To prevent sewer backup, homeowners can take advantage of a few different options. A floor drain plug will prevent any water backup from escaping the drainage pipes and seeping back into the foundation. A standpipe is also a unique method to avoid excess water levels from damaging your home. Finally, a backwater valve or backflow preventer can be installed in the home or in an underground pipe to connect the sewer line and prevent water from flowing backward through the pipeline systems. Dutton Plumbing can install any of these backup prevention methods for you.

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If you are worried about a problem with your sewer system, call in the experts at Dutton Plumbing for our professional sewer repair services. Schedule an appointment today or call for emergency plumbing services at (805) 522-1944.



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