Homeowners Guide to Simple Plumbing Maintenance

Homeowner drain cleaningAs homeowners, we often ignore our plumbing systems. We naturally expect the pipes and faucets throughout the house to function. That’s not always the case, though. Sometimes, despite our best intentions and hard-work, something goes wrong internally. That something could be as simple as a clogged drain, or as catastrophic as a sewer line leak. Often, you’ll simply call up a local plumbing service and hope for the best. Today, using the latest and greatest information from the likes of Dutton Plumbing, you can handle your simple maintenance.

Avoid Commercial Drain Cleaning Solutions

One of the most efficient means to maintain your home’s plumbing system is to avoid the commercial drain cleaners in stores. When you pour harsh chemical solutions down the drain, you cause damage to the pipes. They don’t help. Rather than clearing a clog with a cleaning solution, either use a snake or find a green alternative. If nothing works, you can always call your local plumbing service.

Replace/Disconnect Hoses

First, during the winter, it’s a smart move to disconnect your garden hose from the spigot. Doing so will help prevent frozen pipes and lingering water. Also, consider replacing your washing machines hoses regularly. When you purchase a washing machine, each unit comes with rubber hoses. You want stainless steel hoses to avoid flooding.

Notice the Signs

A universal sign of a clogged drain is odd odors and slow draining. If you notice these symptoms, either act accordingly or call a plumber for repairs. Working fast will save you money and time with your plumbing system. Other signs to watch for are mold growth, wet spots, and low water pressure. These are surefire signs of plumbing issues.

Contact Us

If you suspect issues with your plumbing system, contact Dutton Plumbing for professional service. We’ll find a solution and put your system back on the right track.