The Best Ways to Remove Garbage Disposal

A slow kitchen drain can be frustrating, especially if you have a garbage disposal in place and it isn’t doing its job properly. If you ignore your garbage disposal problem, it will most likely get worse and end up costing a fortune to repair.

One of the main reason kitchen drains back up is all due to all the garbage people put in their disposals. Yes, it is the job of the garbage disposal to grind and get rid of all that waste, but there are certain things that shouldn’t be put down there and can’t be destroyed.

What to Never Put Down Your Drain

There are a few things that should simply never go down your drain. First on the list is hot grease. Hot grease can be hugely detrimental to the pipes in your sink as when it cools it congeals and can clog your kitchen drain. What to do instead is to let the grease cool and scrape it into your garbage can and put it out with the trash.

A second no no are coffee grounds and tea leaves. Instead of being destroyed, they will gather in the drain trap and before long, the drain will become clogged.

Finally, never put flour, pasta, rice, potato or vegetable peels down your disposal unit as these kinds of foods bind together and clog your pipes immensely.

After you use your garbage disposal, always run hot water into the drain to flush away and loosen any debris that may still be lurking.

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