How Leak Detection Works

If you are a homeowner, there are a number of tasks that you must do to help keep your home running smoothly. One of these involves keeping the plumbing in your home working well. Dealing with any water problems is sure to be enough to ruin your day. One plumbing issue that may be more common than you think involves water leaks. Knowing things to consider when it comes to leak detection can help prepare you for this issue.

Causes of Leaks

There is a variety of things that may cause a leak to occur in any area of your plumbing. Below are some of the most frequent causes of leaks:

  • Pipes that are clogged
  • Pipes that may have frozen and burst
  • Defects by the piping manufacturer
  • Improper insulation of the pipes
  • Badly fitting pipes that aren’t fixed

If you have a problem with any of your plumbing pipes, this can result in a leak occurring that may cost you money.

Detecting a Leak

One of the first things that may alert you to having a leak is an increase in your water bill. However, there are many other signs of this and some of these are listed below:

  • Wet areas outside or inside your home
  • Discolored patches or buckling on your flooring
  • Areas around your sinks, faucet or toilet that is excessively wet
  • A leak around your swimming pool if you have one

It’s important to notice any unusual plumbing concerns around your home because this could indicate that there is a leak that should be fixed.

Let Us Help!

The professionals at Dutton Plumbing are experts at leak detection and can help find the leak and fix it. Be sure to visit us online to schedule an appointment today to help locate the source of your water loss.