Quick Steps to Repairing Your Garden Hose

irrigation sprinklerIt’s inevitable that your garden hose will spring a leak at some point, due to improper care or age. Whether you are using your garden hose to water the lawn or wash the car, even small leaks can add up in lost water. Before you toss it out, see if you can make an inexpensive repair.

Small Leaks Along The Hose

Most minor leaks along the length of the hose can be repaired with a small amount of duct or electrical tape. Before you try patching up the hole, make sure the hose is dry. A damp or dirty hose will prevent the tape from adhering well. When you wrap the tape, make sure you start before the hole and wrap the tape over and beyond the hole.

Don’t wrap the tape so tightly that it will interfere with the flow of water. Give the tape a chance to adhere before you turn on the water and inspect your repair. If the water is still leaking, you may need to turn off the water and dry off the area before applying another layer of tape.

When Tape Won’t Do

Sometimes there are larger leaks along the hose and you will need to mend the hose by removing the damaged portion and purchasing a mender to adhere the undamaged sections. Cut out the damaged section carefully, so you do not damage the free ends. The free ends will need to fit securely into the mender.

Attach the free ends of your hose into the mender and tighten the screws or clamps. Give your repair job a test by attaching the hose to the water source and seeing if there are any leaks. If so, the mender is probably not on tight enough. Tighten the screws or clamps more until you get a leak-free repair.

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