3 Common Septic Tank Issues and How to Fix Them

The chances are likely to be high that you don’t invest much thought into your septic tank. That is until you have a problem that demands your attention. The septic tank isn’t visible to you and like the old saying goes, out of sight, out of mine. However, when you do have a problem with this key component of your home plumbing, you are sure to smell it. The first sign of a septic tank issue for most homeowners is experiencing an unpleasant odor when being outdoors. Knowing some of the most common septic tank problems and how to fix these may come in handy when you need them.

Clogged Sewer

Putting materials that don’t belong down your toilet or sink can result in a clogged sewer over time. This can cause your sewer to back-up and will require you or a professional to clean the drain.

If you tackle this job yourself, you’ll need a drain snake and these come in various sizes. It’s possible to rent the right sized unit for you home by asking the salesperson the ideal size to suit your needs.

Tree Root Growth

If you’ve lived in your home for a long time, it’s possible for trees that are nearby your sewer line to grow over time and the roots may cause potential damage to your sewer. The roots can wrap around the components of your septic tank and cause problems.

Tackling this problem on your own can be tricky, but possible for some people. You’ll need to purchase a product that slowly releases chemicals into the ground that can help the roots dissolve.

Collapsed Sewer Line

Dealing with a sewer problem of this magnitude should be addressed by a professional. This is because the area around the sewer must be dug up to find the broken line and this will require a great deal of work.

The key to getting a sewer problem repaired accurately and quickly is by hiring Dutton Plumbing to do it for you. Be sure to visit us online to learn of all the ways we can tackle your plumbing problems today!