How to Fix a Leaky Sink Drain

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Fix a Leaky Sink DrainHomeowner Repairing Sink

One of the most valuable pieces of do-it-yourself knowledge you can have is how to fix a leaky sink drain. Exposed pipes under the kitchen and bathroom sinks frequently spring minor leaks, and it is often a good idea to call a plumber to ensure that your small problem does not turn into a major disaster. However, it is often possible to learn how to fix a leaky sink drain enough to keep the water contained and prevent damage to your kitchen or bathroom while you wait for the experts to arrive. Try some of these tips first before you put in a call to D utton Plumbing, the Simi Valley Region plumbing expert.

Keep the Area Clean

Begin by placing a bucket under the drain and putting on gloves to protect yourself from contaminated water. It is important to contain the leak because water can soak into wood or tile fixtures and cause dangerous black mold.

Turn off the Water

The easiest way to stop the leak is to turn off the water. You can generally find a valve that controls the flow of water to your sink, attached to one of the pipes underneath it. It’s best to leave the water off until the plumber arrives, but if you have to use the sink, you can turn the water on and off between each use.

Tighten the Pipe Joints

Using a pipe wrench, tighten the nuts between the pipes and achieve a temporary solution to your leak problem. Even if this seems to stop the flow of water, it is best to get a plumber to look at your sink to ensure that the leak was not caused by corroded pipes or another serious issue.

Even if you know how to fix a leaky sink drain yourself, it is useful to have the contact information of a trustworthy plumber like Dutton Plumbing on hand just to be safe.