Everything You Need to Know About Sewer Repair

Sewer repair can be one of the most expensive plumbing problems homeowners may experience. For the most part, homeowner’s insurance does not cover sewer repair services, nor does the city handle such repairs. The entire expense is up to you. It is frustrating, tiresome, and headache-inducing. That being said, a professional service provider can make the whole ordeal so much easier and simpler.


First and foremost, it’s vital that a simple inspection of the sewer system should be performed every two years. This professional inspection will ensure your system continues running efficiently. It will also catch any nasty leaks or potential problems before they become serious issues.

Furthermore, you should schedule an inspection if there are any noticeable differences in your plumbing system. Such differences may include lower-than-normal water pressure, higher utility bills, or odd smells emanating from the pipes. Of course, an inspection is just the first step in any repair job. The actual repairs typically involve new methods, such as trenchless sewer repairs.

Trenchless Sewer Repair

Trenchless sewer repair is the most recent advancement in the plumbing industry – specifically for sewer repair tasks. Previously, to fix a single sewer line, the plumbing company would have to bring in digging equipment and tear your yard to pieces to find the problem. Now, however, you can save thousands using trenchless techniques.

The trenchless technique allows professional plumbing technicians the chance to pinpoint the leak or problem within the sewer system. Once the problem is discovered, a technician can quickly remove the pipe without tearing up massive chunks of your property. It’s both simple and a more inexpensive option.

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