The Benefits Of a Bio-Clean Service

If you’ve never heard of Bio-clean, you’re in the right place. Bio-clean is when a combination of natural bacteria and enzymes digest organic waste found inside your plumbing system. This can include grease, hair, soap scum, food particles, paper, and even cotton. There are absolutely no negative effects on your pipes as Bio-clean methods are safe and non-corrosive. So, why should you use Bio-clean?

It’s Safe for Humans

Blocked and overflowing drains are just things that nobody wants to have to deal with. It can be a dirty and nasty process involving heavy-duty chemicals and a lot of mess. However, Bio-clean products are safe and non-toxic which means that you can get stuck in if need be as there is no risk of being affected by chemicals.

It’s Safe for Drains

Most common household and conventional cleaning chemicals attack everything in their midst. The minute they are poured anywhere, they begin to aggressively react. However, Bio-clean, only attacks organic materials such as grease, food particles, and hair. When you use Bio-clean, it doesn’t eat away at the pipe like most corrosive chemicals. It simply and effectively changes all of the waste into water, making your drain clean and keeping the structure fully intact.

It’s Effective Immediately

Bio-clean is effective straight away meaning that you don’t need to hang around and wait. Within an hour, the Bio-clean product will begin eating away at the organic materials leaving you with clean pipes in no time.

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