The Safe Use Of Chemical Drain Cleaners To Clear Slow-Moving Drains

When it comes to clearing your drain of a clog or simply cleaning the pipes to allow more water to move through the system, it’s best left to a professional. There are chemical drain cleaners on the market that may be harmful if not used correctly. In this instance, a plumbing technician can safely and adequately use chemical cleaners to remove a clog and clean the entire system thoroughly. The hazards of using caustic drain cleaners are numerous and, for the most part, outweigh the potential savings. Therefore, a professional is required, first and foremost.

Effective Cleaning Solutions

Biochemical cleaners often make use of bacteria or yeast combinations to clean a drain. These substances are not usually caustic, but you should still use caution. In most cases, an adult may use these chemicals by simply following directions. As always, you must adhere to proper safety recommendations. This includes wearing safety goggles and rubber gloves to prevent spillage on the skin.

Slow-Moving Drains

In most cases, chemical drain cleaners are best used on slow-moving drains and not on a drain that has completely stopped. If the drain is moving slowly, then the compound can remove any organic material causing the issue. If the drain is stopped entirely, though, the chemical cleaner may not fix the problem and could cause worsening conditions instead. If you attempt to use caustic chemicals on your own, be sure to let a professional plumber know this beforehand.

In conclusion, it is best to leave the task to an experienced professional. Should you wish to clean your slow-moving drains, schedule an appointment with a plumbing service to handle the job.

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