Drain Cleaning: What Not to Do

clogged drainCleaning your drain after it has become clogged is one of your favorite things to do, right? Not! Alas, it is a chore that must be done periodically. Some debris is bound to clog a home’s drain at some point in time. In another article, we discussed some easy drain cleaning tips you can do at home. Today, we’re going to talk about what not to do! Because, if you don’t know not to do it…you just might do it! I’m looking at you, MacGyver Plumber!

What Not to Do

Really, it’s a safe assumption that doing anything too rigorous to your drain is not a good idea. Sure, chemical waste removal products are great, but you don’t ever want to pour four bottles of the stuff down the drain. Or, plunging your drain is logical, but plunging until the cows come home with no results may cause further clogging. In short, don’t overdo anything!

In addition, don’t assume that one type of drain cleaner will work on every drain in your home. For example, you wouldn’t want to pour a chemical drain opener down a toilet until you’ve made sure the septic tank can handle that product. Some sources even say that septic tanks can only handle certain cleaners, as most chemicals will kill the needed bacteria in the tank.

And finally, don’t stick anything down the drain – like a hanger or a hand – without consulting the Internet or a professional first. You don’t want to puncture your pipes or scratch up the inside surface.

Essentially, Don’t Risk It!

Don’t attempt to clear your clogged drain without at least doing some research. Use Internet searches or call the Dutton team to ensure that what you’re planning on doing to unclog your drain is the best way to go about it. Anything that’s not safe could possibly cause you plumbing damage and emergency costs down the road. Contact our pros now. We offer consultations all over the Simi Valley Region!