5 Best Ways to Prevent Pipe Damage

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leaky pipesPipes bursting or becoming damaged on your home plumbing is an unfortunate event. It can lead to flooding and definitely water damage. So, let’s talk then about the ways to prevent pipe damage. Our team at Dutton suggests these five hints to keeping your pipes living long into their adult years.

Ways to Avoid Damage to Your Pipes

  • First, insulate your pipes. This will cut down on the possiblity of them bursting when the temperature drops. You see, as the temp gets colder outside, water within the pipe is liable to freeze and expand. This could burst the pipe, so the insulation helps in preventing the freezing of the water.
  • Second, open up the cabinets in your kitchen and bathroom if the temp drops. This will prevent the pipes inside the home from freezing up as well, because you’re allowing warmer air to circulate within that piped area.
  • Thirdly, if you’re on vacation, keep your home somewhat warm. Sure, you want to keep your bills low while you’re gone, but in the long run, you’d be paying for a brand new pipe should the weather suddenly drop and your plumbing isn’t warm enough to handle it.
  • Fourth, Beware of What You FLUSH! Don’t just flush anything down to the toilet. Heavy, thick items – such as paper towels or grease – will absolutely clog up your system and cause a possible burst.
  • Fifth and finally, check the tree roots around your yard. These can cause problems to underground pipes. If you have a healthy tree, maybe ensure that it’s growing roots don’t puncture your pipes.

Damaged Anyway?

Call a plumber. The Dutton Plumbing team – located in Simi Valley – is ready to tackle any pipe replacement or repair job you may have. We know what can cause the damage and we know how to fix it! (805) 849-0965.