Top DIY Plumbing Mistakes

undefinedWith so much information and videos online, it seems easy to turn any plumbing problem into a weekend project. Before you break out your tools, there are potential mistakes you need to avoid.

Not Knowing Where The Shut-Off Valves Are

You need to know the appropriate location of the shut-off valves for every toilet, sink, bathtub, water heater and appliance in your home. Whether you are starting a DIY project or an emergency occurs, not knowing how to properly turn off the water can cause significant water damage inside your home or personal injury.

Unclogging Plumbing With Chemicals

Invest in tools to unclog drains and toilets. Drain snakes, plungers or compressed air are good choices instead of chemicals. First, you cannot be 100% certain that whatever is clogging your drain will not react with another chemical. Bath, body or cleaning products that are already in the drain could mix with drain cleaners and cause an explosion or create a toxic gas.

Drain cleaners and similar products can cause damage to your septic or sewer system, which can be expensive to repair. Your plumber will thank you if you avoid chemicals or at least be honest that you have used them before they start to unclog a pipe. They need to know what is potentially in the drain to reduce their risk of injury from caustic chemicals.

Not Having The Right Tools

When you don’t have the right tools for a plumbing job, you can cause new problems or make your current problems worse. You can easily break pipes or connectors because you are using the wrong tools. For example, you can ruin the head of a screw by using the wrong size screwdriver, which can make it impossible to loosen or tighten the screw. This can make the job harder and more expensive when it’s time to call the professionals.

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