Great Plumbing Tips for Remodeling

Whether you are having some remodelling done or having a complete new kitchen or bathroom installation, now would be a great time to think of those little things that could make life a little easier. Realistically, plumbing tips are never going to change your life, but a little thought could go a long way to the ‘thank goodness I did that …’ feeling.


Adding isolation valves in to the system can make life much easier, especially in the event of a disaster. They will allow you to isolate any part of the system without interrupting the water supply to the whole home. Think about sinks, washers, showers and tubs, anything that runs a water supply. The cost of isolation valves is far outweighed by the ease of repairing a faulty system.


Although your plumbing professional will be happy to advise you, take time to think about the routing of pipes, how accessible they’ll be in the event of trouble and just what it would take to reach them should the worst happen.
Of course, we aren’t suggesting that you have pipes just trailing across your open floor, but equally, try not to bury them somewhere that would require half the home being dismantled just to repair a leak.

Future Proof

Adding extras in to the system to help with future installations is always a smart move – you don’t want to start tearing up your new kitchen or bathroom again just to add another water pipe. Take advice, both from a professional plumber and the kitchen / bathroom installer.

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