Don't Let Strange Plumbing Noises Haunt You This Halloween

Cartoon Drawing of Monster coming out of toiletHas a strange noise ever disturbed a quiet evening at your Greater Ventura or Los Angeles County home? Have you ever suspected a noise might be from a ghost, a prowler, or a boogeyman? Could that creepy, mysterious noise just be a harmless plumbing noise? Or could it be a sign that you need a plumbing repair? Let’s find out! Our Simi Valley plumbers are here to reveal what strange plumbing noises are really all about!

Plumbing Noise #1: The Water Hammer

You may hear this noise after you turn off the water. The water in your pipe comes to an abrupt stop, sending a shockwave through your plumbing pipe, thereby creating a loud hammering noise. If you have a water hammer, you’ll want to have your local plumber install a pressure-relieving valve or an air chamber to prevent a burst pipe or failed pipe fitting.

Plumbing Noise #2: A Sudden Rush of Water in a Drain Line

You may hear an appliance like a laundry machine or dishwasher release a surge of water unexpectedly. This is perfectly normal; the appliance is simply sending wastewater out to the drainage system.

Plumbing Noise #3: The Nighttime Drip

If you hear a dripping or trickling after you go to bed at night, you most likely have a water leak. During the day, your home is probably busier and noisier, making it harder to hear leaking water. Check around for the water leak and have it repaired so that you can conserve water in Simi Valley and save money on your water bill.

Plumbing Noise #4: Banging Pipes

When water flows through a plumbing pipe, it can cause the plumbing pipe to bang into something nearby, creating a loud banging noise. Obviously it’s not good to have a pipe constantly coming into contact with something else, so you’ll want to insulate the pipe to provide a protective cushion.

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