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Advantages Of Direct Vent Gas Water Heater Installation

Advantages Of Direct Vent Gas Water Heater Installation

When choosing what type of water heater to have, we believe that under the right circumstances, the direct vent gas water heater is a better buy than the powered vent heater.
The reasons for this are mainly to do with costs. Whilst ease of fitting does impact on costs, contractors do like to fit the direct vent just purely because they are easier to fit. Resulting in easier and quicker fitting times, that means less disruption and down time for the homeowner. Win-Win

Cost – Purchase

Due to it being a less complicated unit, with fewer parts, the direct vent heater is usually cheaper to purchase.

Cost – Installation

Again, the lack of powered vent means that it is usually cheaper to install; no need to run a power line to the fan / blower or knock holes in walls for the powered vent.

Plumbing toolsWith no blower to power for venting the exhaust gases, the overall running costs tend to be cheaper as well.

Of course there are situations that mean fitting a direct vent heater won’t really be practical, and in those situations, a powered vent is the ideal choice.

If you’re unsure as to what may be the best choice for you, talk to a certified and professional fitting company, they will always be able to give you a good insight into what you should be aware of and what to look out for.

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