7 Things to Never Put Down Your Garbage Disposal

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What Not to Put Down Your Garbage Disposal

In spite of the fact that the word "garbage" is in its name, garbage disposals are actually not designed to handle every kind of kitchen waste. In fact, there are many things you should avoid sending down your kitchen sink at all costs in order to avoid a clogged drain or even a broken disposal. Make sure the items below are disposed of in your trash can instead!

1. High-Fiber or Stringy Vegetables

Artichoke leaves, broccoli stems, and cornhusks are very fibrous materials. The thick strings can tangle and clog your disposal even before getting down the drain.

2. Solid Grease, Oil, or Fat

Grease does not immediately damage your system, but it does accumulate over time. This eventually leads to blocks in your drain or pipes. Moreover, oil waste is harmful to the environment and costly to filter out.

3. Coffee Grounds

Resist the urge to use coffee for odor removal. Like grease, coffee grounds do not affect your garbage disposal; however, they are notorious for clogging up your drain and pipes.

4. Fruit Pits

Large fruit pits are hard enough to damage your disposal by jamming moving parts and wearing out your motor.

5. Large Animal Bones

Most garbage disposals can handle small soft bones; however, larger bones can jam up your system just like fruit pits. The pieces that do make it down the drain can get stuck and lead to blockage.

6. Excessive Amounts of Starch

If you put too much in your garbage disposal at one time, expect a clog. Starchy foods like potato peels, rice, and pasta will expand in your drain and pipes, so remember to feed these items through slowly or put them in the trash to be safe.

7. Non-Food Items

Obviously, you should never put glass, metal, plastic, paper, rubber, or combustible material down your disposal. In most cases, these materials simply won’t break down enough to wash through the drain. Any pieces that do slip though will only hurt the environment.

Should you find yourself testing the limits of your garbage-eating machine, you may need professional assistance. Our dedicated team of Ventura County plumbers can help. If ever in doubt, contact Dutton Plumbing for honest answers and quality service you can trust.