Apprenticeships PlumbingDutton Plumbing is always on the lookout for skilled individuals who show an immense interest in the plumbing career field. We only want those who are driven and prepared to learn a trade that lasts a lifetime. We are currently looking to hire several individuals who show they can go above and beyond while working with our skilled plumbing technicians on a daily basis. If you want to switch from a simple day job to a career that makes a difference in the lives of the community, consider our apprenticeship program. The position lasts anywhere from 4 to 12 months, is completely paid, and puts you on the path to running your own truck for Dutton Plumbing.

Our Requirements:

Believe it or not, our requirements are not that rigorous when it comes to an apprenticeship.

  • You do not need any technical experience, only a willingness to learn and appreciate our methods of teaching.
  • You should have amazing communication skills (our customers appreciate this!).
  • Be willing to learn our proven sales process.
  • Be self-motivated.

Why would I want to work at Dutton Plumbing?

  • Employees love working here – in our annual employee engagement survey, we scored above major companies that set the bar.
  • Customers love us – check out the buzz about Dutton Plumbing here:
  • Awesome benefits – 401(k) (with employer matching), paid health/dental/vision insurance, paid time off, paid training, life insurance, direct deposit, Paychex Employee Assistance program, Aflac, LegalShield, and uniforms provided, to name a few.
  • Fun – our weekly training meetings are fun, we have contests to keep things fresh, and nobody takes themselves too seriously.
  • Most importantly, we’re “the plumber you’d send to your Mom’s house.” That’s not just a slogan the marketing department came up with. It really is who we are; we are the people you trust in your home, we’re the people you trust with your wife and kids. Our employees are looking for solutions that are win/win/win – win for our customer, the company, and themselves.
  • You’ll love your coworkers – Even though most of us are pretty weird, it’s a great group of people. Because of the culture here, you’re going to find yourself making new friends.

Wow, that sounds great! What’s next? How do I get a job at Dutton Plumbing?

  • Apply online – I’m sorry to say, this is the hard part. There is an online application, you’ll then be directed to take a series of assessments. The whole process takes 30-45 minutes. Click here.
  • Receive a call – I’ll call you, seriously. I hated when I’d submit an application and never heard anything. Even if we’re not a good fit, I will call you.
  • Interview – if you get called for an interview, make sure to look sharp. If you’ve heard our radio ads, they say, “no pirates allowed,” so look like someone I’d be comfortable sending to my mom’s house (she’s super conservative, by the way).

Contact Us

If you’re interested in an apprenticeship, contact Dutton Plumbing today at (805) 522-1944.



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    “The plumber you’d send to your Mom’s house.”