Water Heater Repair

Water Heater Repair Simi Valley, CAIf you’re experiencing issues with your water heater, consider calling in the professionals at Dutton Plumbing for fast affordable water heater repair services. We work with all major makes and models of water heater, and each task is completed by our experienced plumbers who truly care about your satisfaction. If you are dealing with a leaking tank, significantly reduced water pressure, fluctuations in temperature, or other common problems, we are available to help. In fact, we also offer our clients emergency plumbing services, so even during the dead of night, you may count on the plumbing team at Dutton Plumbing.

Common Problems

When it comes to the water heater you have in your home, there are a few common problems that our water heater repair service can rectify. For instance, water temperature issues tend to be one of the most prevalent issues experienced in the area. The cause for such a problem usually stems from the thermostat on the tank itself. On occasion, the thermostat must be replaced or maintained to ensure it operates as intended. If there is no hot water whatsoever, the heating element is probably malfunctioning. These components can be replaced.

Alternatively, odd noises stemming from the water heater itself could point to sediment being burned by the heating element in the tank, or the heating element itself could be burning out. Both will make noises as they deteriorate and burn out. It truly pays to check the system every once and awhile, as most problems will go unnoticed by homeowners for quite some time.

Water Heater Repair Cost

Your water heater provides hot water throughout your entire home. This affects several different fixtures and appliances – it’s vital to ensure that the unit operates efficiently. If your water heater gives you trouble, contact an experienced plumbing technician. They can evaluate the system and plan an efficient repair.

A few different factors affect the cost of repairs. To estimate repair costs, we first factor in the age, location, and type of water heater. Secondly, we determine the exact nature of the required repairs. The complexity and severity of the issue may change the cost of repairs. Throughout the repairs process, Dutton Plumbing believes in remaining transparent with our clients. We do not include hidden fees or unnecessary costs. Instead, we simply calculate the cost of repairs as realistically as possible. With this in mind, you’ll notice exactly what you’re paying each and every time!

How Do I Know if I Should Repair or Replace My Water Heater?

You might have a hard time deciding whether to repair or replace your water heater. If your water heater is leaking, or not operating as it should, you may be better off repairing the system rather than replacing it. Regular maintenance can effectively extend the lifespan of any water heater, but these units do need some repairs over time. You might face issues such as lukewarm water, a small flow, or a leak. These common issues can be promptly fixed with simple repairs. On the other hand, if you can never have enough hot water, you may need to upgrade to a new, high-efficiency model of water heater. Dutton Plumbing can recommend a few new systems that may suit your needs at home. Whether you decide to repair or to replace you water heater, you can contact Dutton Plumbing. Our technicians are prepared to handle the job!

Contact Us

If you are worried there is something wrong with your water heater, or you know for a fact there is, call Dutton Plumbing for comprehensive affordable water heater repair services. We can be reached by calling (805) 522-1944.



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