Easy Water Heater Repair Tips

While most water heater repairs are better left to the professionals, there are a few common problems that are easy to troubleshoot and fix on your own. Here are a few of the most frequent problems and helpful DIY water heater repair tips for your gas or electric unit. If you feel that you could use an extra set of hands, give one of our helpful professionals a call at Dutton Plumbing to get your unit back in working order.

Water is Too Hot

Having your water temperature run at extreme settings can be dangerous, particularly if there are small children or elderly individuals living in your home.

  • Check the temperature setting. For most households, 150 degrees F is the standard for conventional water heaters. If you don’t have a dishwasher or if there are family members in your home at a high risk for scalding, you may want to lower the temperature control even further.
  • Replace the temperature-pressure relief valve. This critical valve is set to release any excess pressure from steam buildup within your unit. If faulty or installed incorrectly, it could rupture your unit. Before replacing, make sure to turn down the temperature of your water heater and give it enough time to cool down to eliminate any scalding risks.

Needing More Hot Water

Being short on hot water is one of the most common complaints that we hear every day. If you follow these water heater repair tips and are still running low, you may want to consider contacting one of our specialists for a review of your system. You might be in need of a larger system or a tankless water heater in order to handle the large volume required by your family.

  • Flush the water heater tank. Mineral deposits can sometimes build up, reducing the efficiency of your unit.
  • Replace the dip tube. If your dip tube is broken or cracked, cold water can sometimes flow freely into your water heater, mixing in with the already warm water before traveling to the pipes.

If you have followed these water heater repair tips and are still experiencing trouble with your unit, make sure to