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What is Home Water Recycling?

Plumbing ServicesHome water recycling is very important and provides a number of economic advantages. To put it simply, every single time a tap is turned on or a toilet is flushed, water is wasted. Anyone who is concerned about the environment and the wastage of water can recycle wastewater as they would paper, grass and plastics. At Dutton Plumbing, we’ve put together information on what home water recycling is exactly.

Types of Wastewater Recycling Systems

There is a number of wastewater recycling systems. Recycled wastewater is also known as ‘greywater’.

Greywater Filtration Systems – Greywater filtration systems are made up of a series of filters placed in a reservoir. This filters out unwanted or dirty matter from your wastewater. These are most commonly used as an attachment to rain barrels where sticks, seeds, and leaves can sometimes block the filtration system. These types of filtration systems can also be used in conjunction with your shower or sink to help ensure the quality of your wastewater is high when used anything other than flushing the toilet. These tend to be the most expensive type of water filtration systems, but are very highly regarded and allow you to use the filtered water for more than just flushing the toilet.

Unfiltered Greywater Pump Systems – Unfiltered pump systems are the most common wastewater systems used in homes across the developed world and are also the most cost-effective. Unfiltered pumps are usually only used indoors as they are not well-suited for use with outdoor systems such as rain barrels.  They are usually attached to the outlet of bathroom sinks and hooked up to the intake of your toilet. When your sink is used, the wastewater enters a reservoir with a pump that sends the water to the tank of your toilet.

Passive Greywater Systems – There are many different kinds of passive recycling systems on the market. If you take a bucket into the shower with you, it will collect a large amount of wastewater that can be used to flush your toilet. This will not require any modification, and all you have to do is pour the water into the drain which forces the toilet to flush. If you use organic shower products, you can use this wastewater for your garden.

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