How to Keep Pet Hair Out of Your Plumbing

Drain StrainerWe’re all aware of the dreaded hair monster that lives in the plughole if not cleaned regularly, but many people don’t associate that with their pets. However, if you have a cat or dog, it’s not uncommon to experience drain or plumbing issues – especially if they’re a particularly hairy breed.

Use a Drain Strainer

A drain strainer is a fantastic device that you place just underneath your plug. When the water drains out, any hair that was in the bath or sink will get caught in the drain strainer meaning that you can easily remove it. This makes your pet’s bath time particularly easier.

Cover Exposed Pipes

If you have a small kitten or puppy in the house, you’ll know all too well how much they love to chew on things. Unfortunately, if you have any exposed pipes or plumbing, chances are, your furry friends will see these as chew toys. The best thing to do is to either have them covered, or place heavy furniture in front so your pet can’t access them.

Don’t Flush Hair or Litter

This seems like a VERY obvious one, but many owners flush cat litter and pet hair down the toilet as a means to get rid. This is very damaging to the pipes. All cat hair and litter should be disposed of accordingly and never flushed down the toilet.

Keep your Pets Hydrated

If your pet is dehydrated, chances are, you’ll find them drinking water from the toilet, bath or sink. Not only is this unsafe for your pet as they need fresh water, it’s also a sure-fire way for their hair to end up in the plughole or down the toilet. Make sure you always have a fresh bowl of water for your pet to avoid this from happening.



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