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Drain Cleaning Service

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At Dutton Plumbing, we know that the best way to avoid needing sewer and drain cleaning in the first place is to properly maintain your system. As a result, we provide plumbing maintenance services for drains and sewer systems in the Simi Valley area all year long. When you contact our plumbing services experts, we’ll arrive on schedule and inspect your entire plumbing system for problems. If one is found, we’ll let you know and provide options so that you can make the choice that’s best for you.


Traditional Drain Cleaning Solutions

For clogs in your kitchen or bathroom, we have cable machines that will usually take care of the problem. If that doesn’t work, we use drain cleaning tools like hydro-jetters that deliver a high-pressure blast of water to the problem area. This process removes debris from your pipes without damaging them like store-bought drain cleaners do.

Common Cause of Clogged Drains

  • Oil & Grease
  • Food Debris
  • Paper Products
  • Hair
  • Small Toys
  • Calcification

Bio-Clean Solutions

While you may be familiar with harsh drain cleaning chemicals that you can buy in a store, you may not know that these cleaning agents can actually harm your pipes, faucets, sinks, and other plumbing fixtures over time. That’s why Dutton Plumbing uses Bio-clean products that take advantage of natural enzymes to clean away everything from food debris to grease safely. Bio-Clean is a natural product that is safe for the environment and gentle on your pipes, and best of all, it works fast so we can remove clogs before you know it.

Learn more about Bio-Clean™

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